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The Jocks



Towards the end of U.S. Government Top Secret Project MKUltra, test subject "Schwab", an orphan born in captivity, a byproduct of low atmosphere anti-gravity breeding, escaped his state sponsored cell at Guantanamo Bay. Living for years on the shores of an unnamed Caribbean Island, surviving on meals of shellfish and the occasional wild Boar, Schwab desperately wanted reach the U.S.A., realize his birthright and live the American dream. After collecting enough discarded plastic soda bottles and six pack holders he was able to build a raft and sail to Florida, where, by chance he came ashore on Gloria Estefan's beach-side mansion. She took pity on the Schwab and set him up as a roadie for the Keytar player in the Miami Sound Machine. Schwab toured the country for years, living among the natives and admiring each of the diverse cultures from East to West, North to South. On a chance overnight stop on the Eastern Shore, he fell in love with cold beer, steamed crabs, silver queen & drunken beach weekers; He has called the Shore home ever since.

Favorite Sport: Deep Sea Fishing

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Drink: Bombay Sapphire Martini

Favorite Song: Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine – Conga!